03 July 2009

Artscape 2009 Fashion show get-up

So Artscape is a wonderful exhibit of the Baltimore artsy fartsy crowd. It brings together a lot of ideas and creativity, which I think is amazing, but talking to a few people that I know - artists, photographers, etc. - they think it's not a cup of tea they would enjoy. It's sad to have people say that about such a great celebration of culture. Artscape is definitely one of those things that happen in Baltimore that is a must see!! So yea, check out the site for more information, it's worth a trip to Baltimore for it. It happens July 17-19th, along with Otakon, which is another great convention to visit, but more for anime, comic junky, gamer crowd.

Some good people from school have gathered together to do a fashion show, considering we all missed the dateline to do so individually. Artscape let us join up last minute and instead of a 15 minute show, we get a 30 minute show. Hopefully it goes well. There is about 15 of us, and I am getting headaches already thinking about it. If we were doing more than 3-4 outfits each, it would probably run smoother. Not saying it's going to be a fail, but it's hard to agree on things with 15 people, who aren't dedicated enough to put some time out on their schedule to meet with ALL of use there.

Anyway, we all chose a color each to use individually throughout each of our designs. In doing this, we are using this concept to bring cohesiveness to the show - kind of like a spectrum of color throughout the line up of models.

The color I chose is green. My three designs are very different from each other. The fabrics are variegated as well, lots of different colors, but an overwhelming green focus. So far, the fabrics I am using are: two crushed-like velveteens(one all green, and one purple with gold and green designs in it), a psychadelic super stretch blend, a rainbow cotton madras, a hippy flower paisley light corduroy, a tea-dyed oriental cotton, a grey detailed cotton, and a soft crepe with a pearl sheen.

This first outfit is using the rainbow madras plaid and the flower paisley corduoroy fabric. The top is a basically a tie around halter, with a low back. I am trying to incorporate some darts, but i'm not how I want them. I love using darts with a plaid or striped fabric. Plays with the eye. Also going to add on a little pocket, I love pockets on my shirts, I am sad that people don't use them as much as I do. (cough cigarettes)

The bottom is using the corduroy. I'm testing these two fabrics together. I'm very awkward when it comes to matching, so my designs are the same. However, it helps that the shorts have some texture because it softens the look a little. these are very rough sketches as well by the way. Later I will put on some complete sketches, but I am trapped in South Carolina at the moment, and I didn't bring my colors!

I didn't know where to just have cuffed shorts, or maybe a tiny flounce around each leg? I'm still deciding on that. Easily something I can do in a flash.

This next outfit is one of my favorites. I will be using the velvets, and the psychadelic stretch fabric. Since we are going along the lines of spring/summer, velvet does sound crazy, but the top is going to be very breezy.
VERY breezy. Basically, the top is only going to be attached right in the front, how you see it. The back will be different depending on how worn. It will just be a shawl that is attached at the front of the waistband. Sounds scary but it will work. I've also been thinking of sewing it under the arms, somehow, to give the sleeves some shape. But I love how it looks already.
The waistband is going to be of non-stretch velvet, so I am thinking of just doing a corset type backing for the clasp. That's all I can see working there, unless I have enough fabric for it to be slipped over the legs and hips. We'll see.
The bottom is going to be bias cut, and taper extravagantly above the knee. Maybe something else, who knows, those things get added on when I start sewing.

This is all I have so far. Sorry it's not very colorful. I start sewing tomorrow. And will be taking lots more pictures. I've also been playing with photoshop, trying to make the sketches come to life by putting the fabric on a separate layer underneath the sketch, and turning the opacity on the sketch to about 50%, and on the fabric layer use the trace to trace around the sketch, and delete everything but that. That way when I turn back up the opacity to 100, and put the sketch layer as the background layer, the fabric will be in the shape of the sketch. It's very unrealistic, but it does put things in a wierd perspective.. I'll post those up later as well.

Anyways, I am with my step sister, and she is a handful. So we are going to have girltalk, watch hannah montana, and go to sleep.


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judy coates perez said...

Hi Kyle, thanks for dropping by my blog. Your Grecian dress is beautiful, love the color. I look forward to seeing photos of your projects as they come to life. Good luck with the show!